The Hardest thing You'll Ever Do...

Just kidding. You would be surprised at how many clients come to their sessions and say things like "You will have to pose us, we have no idea what we are doing" or "We are not photogenic" Almost no one has come to me "knowing what they were doing". But you know what? You don't actually need to DO anything! Yes there are a lot of point and shoot photographers out there who will want you to come to the session, stand there together in a certain way and have everyone look at the camera and say "cheeeeeeeeseee". But that's not really my cup of tea. Let's really dig into this shall we?

Lets talk about why you are scheduling a session? Is it a family session? A motherhood session? Did you recently get engaged? Currently growing a tiny human in your belly? Lets take a family session for example. I don't know about you but I want to remember every little quirk, funny face, laugh and moments that happens with my family and kids. Instead of everyone standing there staring at me and the camera, interact with each other. This is the part where most people feel awkward because they feel the need to pretend to interact with each other but I mean really interact with each other! Look at the kiddos, fix their hair, look at their boo boos, play with the rocks or sticks around you, throw them up in the air, or just hold them close. They are only little so long, just take a minute to embrace them and smell their hair, let them hear your heart beat. Those are the kind of moments that I want you to have printed and hung on your walls, the moments that really mean something. If you are recently engaged lets get photos that will actually show the love between the two of you. Look at each other, dance, take a walk and talk about the first time that you met. Cherish all these will moments and just let me be there to get them on camera.

It may feel so awkward at first and you may feel like the photos will look so strange but I promise, you will love the images. Not only will they look better, they will actually tell a story. A story that you will have to pass down to generations.

Lakeland Photographer- Couple dancing at sunset
Lakeland Family Photographer- Little girl dancing
Lakeland family photographer- family posing at sunset
Lakeland Family Photographer- Mom and son together