The Art of Editing

With all of the social media, quick editing apps that are available on phones, etc. many people assume that photographers just slap a filter on your photos and call it a day. In reality, we spend a lot of time on editing your sessions. Here is how I do it. I, like Most photographers use presets which are basically settings that are applied to a photo, enhancing the image with a click of the button. You can buy presets from other photographers/companies and you can also make your own. A preset can help you edit each photo more quickly instead of doing the same adjustments over and over again. I don't stop there though. I apply the preset in Lightroom and then make further adjustments because almost no photo is a 1 click deal, even with a preset. Every photo will be different and there isn't a one size fits all. I use gradient filters, spot healing, make adjustments to the blacks, highlights, etc. But then I take my photo to where all the real magic happens, Photoshop.

Honestly, I never used photoshop until about a year ago. It has changed my editing skills immensely. I look at every photo as a painting now and basically a blank canvas for me to get creative with. I want my photos to look different, my goal is for someone to look at a photo and with out seeing my name, know who took it. If I only used the same presets as everyone else and stopped there, that would never happen. In photoshop depending on the photo, I may have to smooth backgrounds, extend backgrounds, smooth skin, perfect blemishes, liquify problem areas, paint light and dark, sharpen and enhance certain colors. Where editing used to take me 30 minutes for a regular session, it can now take hours but it is completely worth it. I look forward to editing now almost just as much as I look forward to shooting. Know that when you book a maternity, newborn or family session with me, every photo is a piece of my artwork that was carefully thought about throughout the process.

Lakeland Family Photographer- Family posing at sunset
Lakeland Family Photographer- Big family smiling and looking at each other
Lakeland Newborn Photographer- newborn baby girl smiling
Lakeland Newborn Photographer- newborn girl swaddled in green
Lakeland Family photographer- kids jumping in field
Lakeland Family Photographer- Kids jumping holding hands
Lakeland family photographer- maternity model
Lakeland family photographer- maternity model in robe