Can't Decide on Studio VS. Outdoor?

Other than the obvious answer of "CHOOSE BOTH!!" Lets talk about the options you have when scheduling your maternity session with me. As a lover of the outdoors, I am a sucker for a maternity session at sunset. There is just something about the sun setting, letting all that beautiful light cascade through the trees and casting all of the beautiful colors in the sky. I seriously can not get enough of it! When choosing an outdoor maternity session, we have access to a lot of land with many different location options. I usually shoot at our property in Fort Meade because we have so may beautiful places to choose from. Want a big open field? Got it. Want big, tall grass swaying in the wind behind you? Got it. Want a creek? Got it! One of the nice things about outdoor maternity is that it is easy to fit your whole family in. If you already have a few kiddos, sometimes its easier to keep everyone happy and occupied when they get to run around outside and explore. Usually with my outdoor maternity sessions, my clients will wear a dress there and also bring another outfit to change into. This will give two different looks and offer a. lot of variety to your photos. I know this all sounds perfect but don't sleep on studio maternity, it amazing in so many ways.

Lakeland Newborn Photographer- Maternity session at sunset
Lakeland Family photographer- mom in a creek posing
Lakeland Family photographer- mom and dad posing at sunset

Get in the Studio

Studio maternity is its own kind of special. It is so intensely focused on what truly matters, that growing belly with the most precious baby inside. It is a way to really just focus on you and that baby! This short amount of time (that feels like an eternity) that is so special! We only get to be pregnant for so long, we get to feel those little kicks from the inside for only a few months until that baby is in your arms. With studio maternity, my clients feel like a goddess. I use many different types of flowing fabric, headpieces etc. to really make you feel like the queen that you are. You are able to have several outfit changes to give you all of the variety. Husbands and siblings are welcome as well in the studio and the results are so sweet. It is also a nice time to check out the studio since you will be bringing your baby back for newborn photos.

Lakeland Family Photographer- pregnant mom with crown
Lakeland Family Photographer- Pregnant mom with robe
Lakeland Family Photographer- Pregnant mom posing in studio
Lakeland Newborn Photographer- Pregnant mom with robe and crown

Either way, you can't lose! Both options are beautiful in their own way. If you are liked me and you can't decide, do both, you won't regret it.