Your Newborn Session

Newborn sessions may be the most important sessions in my opinion. Your kids are newborns for what feels like 5 seconds (except for those nights you are up non stop feeding them). They grow and change SO much every week that goes by when they are that little. You will never get that time back and I don't know about you but I want to remember and preserve every single memory that I can. With all that being said, you may be a little worried about your newborn session because you never know how you will feel, how the baby will feel or act and how it all will go. I have come up with a little prep guide below that will help so much if you follow it.

  • If nursing, try to avoid eating spicy or anything that may cause gas or an upset tummy 12 hours prior to your scheduled session. If formula feeding, please bring formula and bottles to your session in case baby needs to be fed.  
  • Interact with and keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before your session to ensure he/she is good and sleepy for the session. Stimulating baby with bath or doing "naked time" prior to the session are some tricks that you can use!
  • Ensure that your little one has a full belly for the session. Feed baby just before you leave the house. A full baby = a sleepy baby!
  • Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on baby's skin and to also avoid disturbing baby when getting undressed. A simple sleeper is best. Please avoid anything that has to be pulled off over babies head. 
  • Bring a pacifier if your baby uses one. Multiple pacifiers is even better.
  • When you arrive, leave baby in the carseat, I will remove baby and undress very slowly so as not to disturb them. 
  • If you don't plan on being in the photos, don't worry about getting dressed up! Come in comfy clothes and relax.


During the session, sit back and take advantage of this time to rest while I work with your little one! My newborn sessions are all inclusive and you don't have to worry about bringing anything, all props wraps, headbands etc. are included. You can sit close and watch or take a snooze if you need it.