Why prints are so important

So I get it, digitals are fun. It is instant gratification and everyone loves to show your family and friends your online galleries and post on social media. But hear me out, Technology is not perfect. Hard drives fail, SD cards get lost and computers crash. I've had quite a few clients over the years reach out to me because they lost their galleries or forgot to download them. I can't imagine losing my precious photos forever! Honestly, I have been guilty of not printing my photos. Life gets busy and you don't take the time of choosing the photos and getting them printed for yourself. Sometimes its even an overwhelming process. This is why it is best to let your photographer handle your prints. You are paying for there service of the photos, why not let them serve you from start to finish? Preparing a digital image requires an eye and skill, making sure that your printed image will look just as beautiful printed as it does on a screen. It is an art, just as much as taking the photos and editing. The prints that I use are from a professional lab that is capable of handling my specific camera's color data. When you choose to print your own photos from Shutterfly or Walmart, you never know what they will actually look like when you get them back. You will see that there is no comparison of quality with professional prints. When ordering from me, I am ensuring that your prints will be preserved, A keepsake that you can past down from generation to generation. I promise, you will never regret the photos that you have printed, made into albums or books. Think about the old days when your parents and grandparents had many photos on their walls and albums to look through. When you have photos on your wall, everyone who comes into your home can enjoy them. You will actually look at your photos rather than only seeing them in your memories on Facebook. These memories are priceless and for all the work we put into our family sessions, we need to make sure we have them forever.