So you've scheduled your family session. What now?

It's time to choose what your family will wear! This can seem a little stressful but if you take it one step at a time and follow these tips, it will make your life much easier.

  • Start planning at 2-3 weeks before your session. If you are like me, you do most of your shopping online. You will want to give yourself enough time to get your items in, try them on and exchange items if they don't work for you.
  • Start with Mom. Babies and children look cute in pretty much anything am I right? It is easiest to find an outfit that you love and then build everyone else's outfits around it.
  • Choose something with character. If you are into dresses, choose something that is breathable and moves. Light fabrics that let the sunshine go through your dress will just give your photos that extra oomph! If dresses aren't your favorite, choose an outfit that has lots of texture and accessorize!
  • Choose the perfect colors. Earth tones, jewel tones, monochromatic tones, are all amazing choices for colors.
  • Avoid Certain colors. Instead of pure white, choose natural or off white. Don't wear navy or pastels, choose earthy colors instead. Warm tones with warm tones and cool tones with cool tones.
  • Avoid Matchy-Matchy. The idea is for everyone to have their own style but that everyone's outfits coordinates with each other. Using a variety of color values, textures and layers gives more depth to your photos and makes them more interesting. If everyone wears the same outfit, you blend in with one another.
  • Keep the landscape in mind. Will you be walking through tall grass, playing on rocks, getting in the water? Make sure you choose outfits and shoes that you will be comfortable in.

Following these tips will ensure that your outfits will look great no matter where your session will be. Also, don't be afraid to reach put to your photographer for help. I offer assistance with styling for all of my sessions and I absolutely love helping my clients find the perfect pieces.