Get to Know Me!

Hi! I'm Ashley. Mama to three kiddos, Riley almost 7, Neeson 4, and Lula 18 months. I am married to my elementary school sweetheart, Nathan and we live in the middle of nowhere Florida, also known as Fort Meade. We have lots of pets, 2 Goldendoodles, a kitty, chickens, a horse, cows and some beetles (thank you Neeson). We love getting outside, playing music and traveling when we can find the time to do it!! We are a homeschooling family which can be challenging but also so rewarding!

I have always loved taking photos, ever since I was a kid I can remember using up all of the film on those throw away cameras, taking non stop videos and photos on family vacations and wanting to remember every second of it. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my 2nd baby Neeson, that I decided to really get into photography. I missed out on so many special photos of my 1st baby that I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything with my next. We never had newborn photos done and its something that I still regret to this day! Over the years I've done a little bit of everything from events, families, newborns, weddings, cake smashes, milk baths, etc. but families and newborns will always be my favorite. I love being able to see the real emotion and love in photos and having it captured forever.

If you have already had a session with me, chances are I had a tiny assistant on my back. Lula is a stage 5 clinger, just like her big brother and sister. As I am typing this, she is literally on top of me. Luckily they are all used to mommies shenanigans by now. Being a work at home mom can be tough at times, between regular house hold chores, homeschooling, doing sessions and editing, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Being a mom and photographer has been an absolute dream come true for me and I am so thankful!

When I'm not taking photos or chasing kids around, you could find me on the couch with my hubby watching Alone, Justified, or some other crime show. I'm a long time lover of Grey's Anatomy and food! I'm a junk food junkie, well gluten free junk food junkie now (insert eye roll). I love to laugh and be with my family, and I love to photograph yours!