Top 10 Photos I've Taken in 2020

Welp. We did it, we made it through the year 2020! It was definitely rough, but honestly I enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with my family at home. This past year, I have really invested a lot of time, money and work into my business. So much new gear, props and most imporantly, education. Expect even more growth for the year 2021! I would like to show you what my top 10 favorite photos from 2020 were!

This is a photo of my two oldest children, Riley is 7 and Neeson is 4. You can imagine how difficult it was to get the two of them close enough and still enough to take this photo! It is definitely one of my favorites, ever!

Lakeland photographer- brother and sisters faces together

I absolutely love everything about this photo! It is a picture of my niece and sister in law. It was such a perfect sunset, with the perfect amount of wind. What I love most about this photo is the emotion behind it. Nothing more special than the love between the love of a girl and her mama.

Lakeland family photographer- Mom and daughter at sunset

I have always done newborn sessions but in 2020 I decided to dig in deep and really specialize in them. Newborn photography is definitely one of my absolute favorites! I can't get enough of those newborn snuggles. This was one of my favorites because it was the first time I had used this beautiful sunflower backdrop and sunflowers are my fave!

Lakeland newborn photographer- Baby wrapped on a sunflower background

This is another photo of my kiddos. We have a creek on our property that I sometimes use for maternity or family sessions. During quarantine they had a lot of fun in this creek. Take a slide and a swing and you have entertainment for the whole day.

Lakeland photographer- kids playing in creek

Couple sessions are so fun. These two have 3 kids and we were doing a family session but we had to slow down and give them a little break. I had them lay down and just cuddle like they were in bed.

Lakeland photographer- Couple cuddling on grass

I absolutely love my bucket props for newborn sessions! Buying props for my newborns can be quite addictive but I just can't help myself. This bucket is one of my favorites.

Lakeland Photographer- Baby in a bucket

I just recently started offering studio maternity sessions and I am in love! I love being able to offer my clients this as an option. You can also choose to do outdoor and studio in the same session.

Lakeland Maternity photographer- Pregnant mom in studio

I took this photo on our family vacation to Englewood. I love it because it was right before we got my sons haircut and because of the fact that we got to watch baby sea turtles make their way into the ocean!

Lakeland family photographer- Little boy watching sea turtle at beach

I adore this image because it is so simple but means so much. Mom and dad holding their first babies feet in their hands. So special, and will be treasured for a lifetime! Also, baby toes are on of most favorite things EVER!

Lakeland family photographer- Mom and dad holding babies feet in their hands

I love everything about this image! The style, the movement, the nosey cows and of course the girl! This will definitely be hung on a wall and treasured.

Lakeland Newborn photographer- Little girl dancing in field with cows