Vacation Time!

When was the last time that you went on vacation? Was it to somewhere new? Did you get to experience new things? My family just got back for a trip to Tennessee. My husband and I have been there many times but my kids have never been. This trip was specifically planned around high chance of snow fall. My kids have also never seen the snow (that they can remember) and it was a MUST! I can not tell you how refreshing it was to get out of town, get out of the everyday chores, to do lists and stress. We were able to stay in a cabin in the mountains and got to do so many new things. We got really lucky and it ended up sowing quite a bit so my kids got to see it fall for the first time. We bought sleds and spent all day finding random places to sled down, throw snowballs and make a snowman. It was awesome to see how much my kiddos enjoyed every minute of it. Living life to the fullest with not a care in the world. They did care one bit that it was freezing outside (in Florida's standard anyway). I know day to day life can be daunting. We are all so busy and have many stresses, and there is no better way to relive some stress than to just pack up and go! While you are there, wherever that may be, take lots of pictures. Make a scrapbook with your kids and keep it at home to look back on.

Lakeland Family photography- Baby in the snow
Lakeland Family Photography- Little boy throwing snowball
Lakeland Newborn Photography- Little girl in the snow
lakeland family photographer- kid on a sled